Area Geosite Ngingrong

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Area Geosite Ngingrong

Geosite Ngingrong

Have you ever heard about geosite? It is a tourist attraction that formed from the composition of geology, biology, culture into one unit. In Yogyakarta, there is one famously known geosite, called Geosite Ngingrong.

The Geosite Ngingrong is a tourist spot that has been around since 2016. It’s located in Desa Mulo, Wonosari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

This tourist site is one of the 16 geosites of the Gunung Sewu Geopark Network in Gunungkidul. The area of about 10 hectares with a depth of 80 meters is located on the side of the highway between Mulo and Tepus.  

At first, this place was often used by residents or Gunungkidul people to rest while watching the panoramic view of the valley. However, starting 2015, it became well-known to tourists, and hence the Gunungkidul Tourism Office built a Stone Park or a Geopark not far from there.


Then, the Mulo Village Government together with the community in 2016 made the Ngingrong Valley a tourist destination managed by Mulo Tourism Village.

Not only offers natural beauty, there are also a variety of exciting and fun games. They built a flying fox over the Ngingrong Valley which is made along 135 meters with a height of 78 to 80 meters.

Only for IDR 45,000 you can enjoy this flying fox that was claimed challenging enough for the adrenaline seeker. 

However, prior to trying the flying fox, make sure your body weight does not exceed 150 kilograms, for your safety.

Apart from the flying fox, there are also horizontal and vertical cave railings. In the cave, tourists can enjoy the underground lake.

To traverse the cave horizontally, you have to spend IDR 200,000 for four people, the route is quite short and is on the west side of the cave. Don’t worry about getting lost, because you will be accompanied by a guide, this one option is in great demand by tourists. Meanwhile, for the vertical caves, the track is quite difficult, because it goes straight down which ends in an underground lake area, that’s why the amount of money that you have to spend for this attraction is larger than the horizontal one, which is IDR 1,5 million for three people. That includes food, drink and riding the ATV.


There is also Ngingrong Market which cannot be missed as well. Since 2018, the Ngingrong Valley tourism manager has also inaugurated the Ngingrong Market, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Various delicious culinary delights are served to visitors in this market. The interesting part is most of the snacks on offer are traditional foods, and the payment system is quite unique. You have to exchange your money for “coins”. IDR 1,000 equals one coin worth IDR 1, and a minimum purchase is only IDR 10,000.

For those of you who visit the Ngingrong Valley on Saturdays and Sundays, be prepared to enjoy the added bonus of watching traditional entertainment such as dances and music from Yogyakarta artists.

Well, visiting Geosite Ngingrong is indeed worth your time if you’re in Yogyakarta. Apart from enjoying the culinary delights, the beauty of natural scenery is indeed cannot be underestimated. 

So, let’s go to Geosite Ngingrong!

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