Area Kebun Teh Nglinggo Tritis

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Area Kebun Teh Nglinggo Tritis

The hustle and bustle in the cities is one of the reasons that most people choose to visit the highlands to calm and relax their body and mind.

If going to Puncak, Bogor is still too crowded for you, then why don’t you spend some time in Yogyakarta? Because, there is another place that offers such a relaxing spot in Yogyakarta, named Nglinggo Tourism Village which is located in Samigaluh, Kulon Progo, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The history of Nglingo Tourism Village cannot be separated from the story of the heroism of Pangeran Diponegoro during the war against the Dutch with his troops in Menoreh Hills. According to a hereditary story that is believed by the local community, there were three soldiers who were followers of Pangeran Diponegoro who devised a strategy not far from the Nglinggo Village area. The three soldiers were Ki Linggo Manik, Ki Dalem Tanu, and Ki Gagak Roban. 


To commemorate these soldiers, finally the name Ki Linggo Manik, who was considered the leader, was immortalized as the name of a village which has now been transformed into a tourist area with charming views. 

One of the sights we can see in the tea garden area, at the western end of the Nglinggo hamlet which is later more popularly called the Kebun The Nglinggo. It’s the one and only tea plantation in the area.

Trekking through terraced slopes covered in green rugs to enjoy the panoramic view of eight high mountain peaks is a charming treat when visiting Kebun The Nglinggo. 

Apart from being treated to unspoiled views, and go around the tea garden by driving an offroad car, you can also enjoy the sunrise from the famous Bukit Ngisis.


Bukit Ngisis is located in the Nglinggo Tourism Village Area, precisely in Pagerharjo Village, Samigaluh District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. It is the zero point of the hills where the Nglinggo Tea Plantation is located.

To reach Bukit Ngisis, you must travel approximately 29 km from the downtown, and only paying IDR 3,000 for the entrance fee, you’re able to enjoy the green leaves, the beauty of the beautiful hills, and the breeze that can help you to calm and relax.

Another thing that you can do apart from enjoying the beauty of nature, of course it’s taking selfies in the Instagrammable spots that have been provided, such as parks, cliffs, overhanging boards, offroad cars on cliffs, and tree houses is mandatory.

Other than that, the Bukit Ngisis also provides adequate facilities and services such as parking lots, prayer rooms, toilets, food stalls, rest areas, lodging, and many others.

No need to worry about getting lost if you want to travel to Bukit Ngisis, because the location of Ngisis Hill can be accessed using phone navigation and there are directions along the road that guide you so that you don't get lost.

Well, Nglinggo indeed deserves to be one of the places that you must visit while on vacation, whether with friends, lovers, or with family.

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