Area Merapi

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Area Merapi

Merapi has never broken its promises. The promise of a different experience each time you visit. Starting from the beautiful scenery, to the feeling of "magic" that was felt.

As is known, Mount Merapi is one of the active volcanoes on the island of Java. The peak is around 2,930 meters above sea level, and the southern slopes are in the administration of Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. The other side enters the Central Java area, where the west side includes Magelang Regency, the north and east side of Boyolali Regency, and the southeast side includes Klaten Regency.

Visiting Merapi means don’t miss the Kaliurang Park (Taman Kaliurang), located right at the foot of Mount Merapi that offers a worth-visiting various tourist attractions. 


Among them is the Ullen Sentalu Museum, which has a very unique architecture and interior. Together with a tour guide, you will be taken on a tour to see historical relics around the Yogyakarta and Solo Palace. However, when you are inside the museum, you are not allowed to take photos or videos, but don’t worry, photo spots have been provided.

Furthermore, there is The Lost World Castle, a castle built from Merapi eruption rocks, including a unique tour with contemporary photo spots.

For those of you fans of The Lord of The Ring series, you must visit this spot. Namely the Hobbit House, the green grass that spreads out together with the stone path. In addition, there is also an instagrammable photo spot that you must visit is a replica of Stonehenge, a gray stone arranged in a circle similar to Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, now you can visit it at the foot of Mount Merapi.

For those of you who have never climbed Mount Merapi, yet wondering what the history and appearance of this Volcano in Indonesia looks like, then visit the Merapi Museum, which is still part of Kaliurang Park, is recommended. This museum has a mini theater, with a capacity of 85 people, which will bring you to know Merapi closer.


Oh, and don’t forget to visit Klangon Hill also. It is the highest area inhabited by residents, reaching 1,100 meters above sea level. There is a viewing post in here, where you can get a much closer look at the splendor and strength of Mount Merapi. 

In addition, you can also try cycling in the hills, camping with the sensation of cold air and beautiful scenery, or trekking Klangon Hill with the sensation of animal sounds, through conservation forests. For your information, Klangon Hill is also a family and children friendly tourist spot. 

There are still many tourist spots that you can visit around Merapi, one of which is Tlogo Putri, located on the southern slopes of Merapi, or in Hargobinangun Village, Pakem sub-district, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. It’s still in one area with Merapi Park tourism with Plawangan Hill. The entrance fee is very affordable, it’s only IDR 5,000.


Located 900 meters above sea level, the air in Tlogo Putri is indeed cool and fresh. In addition, traveling here will be very interesting, because it combines water and natural tourism, perfect for those of you who want to spend time with family. Today, Tlogo Putri is managed by the Sleman Tourism Office.

Of course, there are a lot of activities that you can do in Tlogo Putri.

Tlogo Putri is an embung, which is equipped with various rides that you can enjoy. You can try flying fox, canoeing, swing, ferris wheel, seesaw, and other games, or just sit back and relax, enjoying the cool air, while enjoying the art shows, which are usually held every week.

For those of you who want to spend the night, there is a guest house that you can rent which offers various prices. There’s an advantage if you spend the night in Tlogo Putri, because when you wake up the next morning, you can track down the path around Tlogo Putri, and of course, there are many best photo spots for you to capture.

Not far from Tlogo Putri, which is also at the foot of Mount Merapi, 25 kilometers from the downtown, and only 7 kilometers from the peak of Merapi, there is Gardu Pandang (viewing post). A place where you can see the charm and power of Mount Merapi up close.


At the viewing post, there is a two-story viewing tower. There are lots of activities you can do here, apart from enjoying the natural beauty and cool air, Mount Merapi and the green of Turgo Hill are clearly displayed in front of you.

You can also sit back and relax in the gazebo that is already available. If you are lucky, you can watch a pack of monkeys interacting with each other.

The entrance fee is very affordable, you only need to pay IDR 3,000, to enjoy the Gardu Pandang.

The facilities at Gardu Pandang are also complete, there are prayer rooms available, toilets, a large parking area, and a canteen that sells a variety of foods and drinks that you can enjoy. 

Don't forget to try the culinary here, you can find some unusual food such as rabbit satay, and jadah-tempeh (a traditional food from Sleman Regency). If you want to spend the night, around the Gardu Pandang there are lots of inns from guesthouses to star hotels, which you can choose.

The next place, which should not be missed when you want to enjoy the majesty of Mount Merapi, is Kaliadem. Located in Kepuharjo Village, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

As well as a tourist attraction, Kaliadem is also a silent witness to the eruptions that occurred in 2006 and 2010, where the village was hit by cold lava from Merapi.

In Kaliadem itself, there is a bunker, or 'shelter' used by residents, every time Mount Merapi erupts, which was built since the Dutch Colonial era. For only IDR 10,000, you can enter the Kaliadem Bunker area.


Last but not least, a place that cannot be missed as well is Petilasan Mbah Maridjan, which was built in 2012. Mbah Maridjan is a respected figure who guarded Mount Merapi. This Petilasan is the residence of Mbah Maridjan, that’s why people called this place Petilasan Mbah Maridjan. It is located in Kinahrejo, Pelemsari, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

There are two buildings, the first is a small joglo (Javanese traditional house), which is where Mbah Maridjan's house is, and there is also the larger Joglo that is usually used for the labuhan ceremony every year. When the Merapi Mount eruption hit the land of Yogyakarta in October 2010, Mbah Maridjan was inside his house and found dead in a kneel down position.

However, when visiting this place, you are not allowed to enter the petilasan area, and you can only see it from the outside. You will see the remnants of Mbah Maridjan's relics which became silent witnesses of the hot lava of Merapi at that time. No need to prepare money, because visiting Petilasan Mbah Maridjan is free of charge.


Well, to make it easier for you to enjoy all the tourist attractions offered, you can use the Lava Tour services that will take you around while seeing the remnants of the Merapi eruption that devastated the village. 

Lava Tour service is a service that will take you going along the Kaliadem area, crossing bumpy roads and pathways that stimulate adrenaline, such as narrow sandy lanes and rocks, by using a jeep. Jeep rental prices vary widely, starting from IDR 350,000 per group. This tour is really fun and you surely don't want to miss this one experience!

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