Area Breksi

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Area Breksi

Talking about Jogja's tourist attractions, there are indeed many destinations ranging from mountains, beaches, caves, rivers, culture, forests and many more.

Well, one of the attractions that should not be missed when visiting Yogyakarta is Tebing Breksi. Its beauty, especially at night, will always make you miss the city.

Tebing Breksi are volcanic deposits of ancient volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. It is a tourist spot in the Sleman Regency, located to the south of Prambanan Temple and adjacent to Ijo Temple and the Boko Palace Complex. The exact location Tebing Breksi is in Sambirejo Village, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Before becoming a tourist spot, the location of the Tebing Breksi was previously a natural rock mining site. This mining activity was carried out by the local residents. In the vicinity of the mining location, there are places where the mined rock is cut to be used as building decoration material.

Since 2014, mining activities in this place have been closed by the government. This closure is based on the results of a study which states that the rocks in the mining location are rocks originating from the volcanic activity of the Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. Then the mining location is determined as a protected place and is not permitted for mining activities.


After the closure of the mining activities, the community decorated the former mining site to become a tourist spot that worth visiting. In May 2015, Tebing Breksi was inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X as a new tourist spot in Jogja.

To get to Tebing Breksi, it is reachable by cars, from small to big ones as well. However, it is recommended that you go in the evening because the site is very hot and dusty during the day.

The thing that makes this instagramable tourist spot interesting is that the cliff walls are carved with various themes. Some tell the history of Tebing Breksi itself, as well as the wayang carvings, and what is quite striking is the giant dragon-shaped carving. No doubt, this carving is very tempting for visitors to use as a photo background.

If you think that it is the only one attraction offered, you must be wrong. Because, if you look carefully, you will find a stair that is also made so that the visitors are able to climb to the top of the cliff. Then from above, you can easily see the beautiful natural scenery of Yogyakarta. 

The best time to climb up to the top of this rock cliff is at sunrise or sunset. In both times, visitors will indeed get a pleasantly charming panoramic treat. No need to worry if you have to come as early as possible to see the sunrise because Tebing Breksi is open at 5 AM.

On the other hand, at the foot of the hill, steps are built with chairs forming a semicircle like an amphitheater which is named Tlatar Seneng. This area is usually being used as a performance place or an entertainment stage. Several concerts and festivals have been held at Tlatar Seneng, such as the campursari, hadroh, percussion, and dance festivals.


And please throw away the mindset that Tebing Breksi is just for a nature lover or sunrise/sunset hunters, because if you’re an adrenaline seeker who likes to do some extreme sports activities, well congratulations! this place is also for you! 

There is also an area devoted to the sport of rock climbing and mountain biking. Of course this activity is specifically for those who have been trained enough, OK?

Around Tebing Breksi, you will find another unique tourist attraction, called Watu Tapak Camp Hill. This site is managing by GenPI (Generasi Pesona Indonesia) Yogyakarta.

Come with the theme of digital destinations, all transactions at Watu Tapak Camp Hill use an electronic money system.

Meanwhile, apart from providing Kakilangit Market and Ngingrong Market, Watu Tapak will also involve young Yogyakarta entrepreneurs collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism for its culinary experience by providing food trucks on the site with various menus such as snacks and fast food are served in the food truck area. It is hoped that the food truck area can attract visitors, especially young people.

Not only culinary, the beauty of the Watu Tapak landscape will please your eyes with beautiful views both at sunrise or dusk. Moreover, you can enjoy that view while setting up a tent.


It means that there is one area specially provided for camping activities with a capacity of 50 tents, each tent can accommodate up to 4 people. Not only using tents, tourists can also feel the sensation of spending the night using a campervan. 

The landscape of Jogja is clearly visible from the Watu Tapak site, such as Adisutjipto Airport, Mount Merapi, Barong Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Ratu Boko Site. 

So, go pack your bags, book your ticket to Yogyakarta, and don’t forget to put Tebing Breksi in your bucket lists!

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