Fun Activities You Can Do in Yogyakarta

06 Dec, 2020 • 425 View
Kegiatan Seru yang bisa Kalian Lakukan di Yogyakarta

Fun Activities You Can Do in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, a city with natural beauty blends with myths and legends attracts tourists to visit it. The panorama of Yogyakarta is undoubtedly beautiful, from the beaches, mountains, reservoirs to historical sites.

But besides enjoying the beauty of the panorama, there are things we can also do in Yogyakarta. Let's get started!

  1. Street Music

Jogja is not only famous for its food or drinks, but also for its unique cultural arts, one of them is street music. In the past, this music was only available in the Malioboro Street area, but now there are many red lights in all corners of the city. In fact, there are also dancers too. In addition to appearing on the streets, they also receive call services to fill events such as weddings or other events.

  1. Zero Point

If you are tired of walking around all day in the city of Jogja, you can take a short break at Titik Nol (Zero Point). Zero point is also one of the favorite spots for youngster. Every single night, there are various communities that gather or sometimes there are also exciting events that you can see there. But for now, the zero point area is in the stage of renovation.

  1. Learn Bahasa

Unlike many other languages, Indonesian Bahasa has a simple grammar. You can form simple sentences after a few hours of class. While in Yogyakarta, you can visit Desa Bahasa, which is a 20-minute drive from Borobudur Temple. Here you can enroll in a very short or one month language course. The area around Desa Bahasa is also beautiful and you can stay here for a very low price on a home stay.

  1. Rice Harvesting

Rice is an integral component of food in Indonesia and rice farming is an important part of Indonesian culture. While in Yogyakarta, visiting Desa Pentingsari is one thing to do because besides the beautiful scenery, you can also learn how to grow crops from local residents. While you are there, spend a few hours with the locals in the rice fields to learn what they do. If you're lucky, you can get on the bull cart and learn how to grow rice. You can also visit the nearby Gunung Merapi after spending time at Desa Pentingsari.

  1. Wayang Kulit

Who doesn't know wayang kulit? One of the products of Javanese culture in Jogja which features wayang performances with puppet stories such as Ramayanan and Mahabarata. This culture is increasingly being showed in various regions in Yogyakarta, but its sustainability has been maintained until now. Wayang kulit has become worldwide, and has even been played in several countries. The stories that are told at the shadow puppet show may be familiar and repeated especially for standard stories such as Dewa Ruci, Gatotokaca Autumn, or about Petruk Dadi Ratu (Petruk Jadi Ratu), but dalang-dalang (the person who moves the puppet) create new stories with the real character of the wayang and remain meaningful.

Isn't that exciting? Come explore the city of Yogyakarta, both from its beautiful panorama and the various activities that you can do here!